Burnside Album Details

Revolt Revolt, Chordata

Revolt Revolt’s Chris Bock, Ben Brunn, and Jasin Serna are familiar faces within the Boise music scene. Chris’s resume includes Geyser and The Hand (plus others). In 2005 he moved to Boston and performed solo across the east as BOCK. When he found himself back in Boise in 2007, he connected with Jasin (Happenstance, Doublewide, The Treatment) to play drums/percussion in BOCK. The duo brought some new energy to Chris’s songs and the project became a joint venture. New songs were brought to the table and a new identity was conceived, Revolt Revolt. In the fall of 2008 they hooked up with bassist Ben Brunn (Nevada Bachelors) of Seattle. More songs followed and the trio took to the road, touring around the Northwest. This summer the band recorded their debut album with producer Conrad Uno (Mudhoney, Young Fresh Fellows, Presidents of the USA). chordata recalls classic NW guitar bands in its heavier moments and the best indie rock as hooks & melodies pile in. Dark and brooding in spots, breezy in others, chordata is a self-assured debut by a band just hitting their stride.

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