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Norman, Larry, Upon This Rock

Larry Norman's groundbreaking album Upon This Rock is the record that jump-started a musical genre and launched a thousand imitators. When first released in 1969 it didn't fit into any genre of commercial music. There had never been an album like it, and no one knew quite what to do or what to make of it. Its vinyl grooves contained a political, emotional, and yes, religious message presented with modern modalities in a rock and roll syntax which had never been done before, and it came as a shock to conservative Gospel Music fans. But it struck a chord with a small handful of people whose numbers swelled in the following years. Upon This Rock is more than a novelty; it is a bold announcement from a man who wasn't satisfied to simply create a music subgenre -- Norman reshaped an industry and the lexicon of the modern gospel. This remastered and re-released CD is a piece of rock and roll history, a great album, a testimony to a courageous and visionary artist, and an amazing debut effort from a talented songwriter that many have called a genius."The most significant artist in his field" - Time Magazine / "A creative genius" - Huffington Post

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