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Fahey, John & Friends, Friends of Fahey Tribute

The Friends of Fahey Tribute features John Fahey, pianist George Winston, John Renbourn, Stefan Grossman, Paul Geremia, Woody Mann, Mark Lemhouse, Tinh, Terry Robb, Mitch Greenhill, Peter Lang, and John Doan. Grammy Award winner John Fahey left behind a legacy of groundbreaking roots music innovations. His albums always taught the listener to expect the unexpected, and this tribute CD is no exception. Along with eleven of his famous friends and disciples, Fahey appears with a long lost guitar track from his last ever acoustic recording session and a spoken message to his friends which will bring a smile to the face of both his new and longtime fans. With songs either written or inspired by Fahey, these accomplished players lay down solid tracks with the beauty and artistry that have made them famous around the world. "A folk-blues innovator of the 1960s who became a post-punk hero in the 1990s" - Rolling Stone "An incredibly complex individual with intellectual, mystical and creative depths that are extraordinary" - Spin Magazine