Burnside Album Details

Mason Williams & Zoe McCulloch, Electrical Gas

Electrical Gas represents a step in a new direction for Mason Williams as a composer and recording artist. His chart topping instrumental, Classical Gas has been recorded by over 100 different artists; is featured in films, television and commercials logging over five million broadcasts inspiring musicians and music lovers for nearly 40 years. Combining this unprecedented acoustic piece with the electric guitar allow Mason Williams and Zoe McCulloch the prospect of launching Classical Gas into the 21st century with resounding force. Mason's prolific catalog goes far beyond Classical Gas and Zoe has tapped into his inexhaustible cache of instrumental tunes. At just 19 years of age, Zoe possesses the skills, depth and maturity of an experienced guitarist. She is backed by an incredible group of musicians, sound engineers and management; and together they have literally electrified a dozen compositions Mason has polished to perfection for the special occasion of unveiling a hybrid sampling of his extensive repertoire. Williams’ has had many love affairs with guitar music. Mason cherishes all of his love affairs with the guitar and one of his best quotes is, “Love demands a future.” Now, thanks to Zoe McCulloch, Queen of the Stratocaster, these love stories live on.