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NQ Arbuckle, The Future Happens Anyway

Don’t let the self-deprecation or inebriation imply that NQ Arbuckle isn’t serious about the music. This band has earned multiple Juno nominations, considerable critical praise and a legion of rabid fans. There’s a sober reverence and deep romance to NQ Arbuckle’s songcraft. Everything boils down to life and death, and how to face both with humour and humanity. With The Future Happens Anyway, NQ Arbuckle should rightfully move beyond their reputation as scruffy, unassuming roots rockers. Years in the making, the album is a masterful, yet wholly unpretentious, collection of songs that illustrates NQ’s finesse, subtlety and heart. NQ’s albums always include a scholar’s selection of writing and references and The Future Happens Anyway is no exception. NQ Arbuckle has consistently created impressive, treasured albums for more than a decade. But NQ Arbuckle has never made a record like this before.

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