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Service Industry, The, Ranch Is The New French

Austin, Texas is a guitar town, self-billed as "The Live Music Capitol of the World." Home of Austin City Limits and the Stevie Ray Vaughan statue. If every wait person in Hollywood is an actor, in Austin everyone in the service industry plays in 2-3 bands, plans to finish school and become a doctor or real estate agent, or is just waiting for that big break. The service industry -- the 'little' people you never notice who do your cooking and cleaning, wait your table, pull your beer, check you out in the grocery and at the bookstore -- have never before had a voice in the entertainment industry. Until now. It's all here, the drudgery, the routine, the hangovers, the cute maids and wait staff.... The people you see every day and don't notice. But they've been watching you. And taking notes. And for the first time, life in the service industry is the concept behind a band and an album, "Ranch is the New French." Brainchild of a trio of seasoned veterans of the Austin & Kansas music scenes and the service industry, "Ranch is the New French" was recorded and performed with surprisingly literate musicianship, carefully crafted lyrics, and passionate performances.

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