Burnside Album Details

Pierce, Brenda Kaye, Gift Wrapped

Brenda Kaye Pierce…. Background vocalist for ten episodes of the Real Ghostbusters cartoon…..lead vocalist for the Jazz Crusaders, background / keyboards and/or featured vocalist for Vanessa Williams, Ray Parker, Jr., Stevie Wonder, Jermaine Jackson, Rebbie Jackson, Rockwell etc. This talented sister has finally decided to step up to the front and show the world who she really is via this holiday CD, expressing her thanks and love for the Lord. She ranks beside Mariah Carey with her vocal range; Jennifer Hudson with her gut wrenching deliveries; Dorinda Clark with her vocal versatility; Mary J. Blige with her raw soul; Mary Mary with something for everyone from eight to eighty and Miss Ella Fitzgerald with her vocal calisthenics that would baffle and awe Charlie Parker. Brenda is bad! Never in the history of Christmas recordings has there ever been an album this great and exciting. This is the stimulus that Obama promised and is what retail has been waiting for.