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Kilborn Alley Blues Band, The Tolono Tapes

Kilborn Alley blasted on to the blues scene in 2006, with award nominated and winning releases on Nick Moss' Blue Bella Records label. Kilborn is known for their traditional Chicago blues and R&B sounds with a rollicking contemporary sensibility. With seventeen years on the road, The Tolono Tapes is a taste of what happens when Kilborn Alley gets together in the studio with some of the friends they’ve made in their travels. Jackie Scott stops by to share some sweet R&B, piano man Henry Gray and harp master Bob Corritore lay down some Chicago blues, guitarist Monster Mike Welch and piano guru Anthony Geraci give a fresh take to some Kilborn Alley originals, Ronnie Shellist and Joe Asselin contribute harmonica work on some Kilborn and Scott originals, Corey Dennison and Gerry Hundt lend their blues wizardry to some "in the studio" compositions, and Cerbo raps over "Sure Is Hot."