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Lenz, Kim and The Jaguars, It's All True!

Kim Lenz is back. The titian-haired, vivacious Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter-guitarist established herself as the top modern rockabilly songstress with a pair of widely praised albums and rapturously received performances across the States and in Europe; Rolling Stone raved, "If Elvis had been a woman, he probably would have sounded just like Kim Lenz." The new collection is a flaming slab of fuel-injected contemporary rockabilly that handsomely shows off Kim's sass, energy, and romp-stomping vocal chops. It secures her position in the small pantheon of great female rockabilly singers that includes Wanda Jackson and the late Janis Martin - singers with whom Lenz has shared many a stage. And it displays the genre's diversity and impact. The new album features the fearsome instrumental firepower of the reconvened Jaguars - guitarist Nick Curran, bassist Jake Erwin, and drummer Scotty Tecce - and a guest vocal appearance by Southern California's soulful rockabilly maestro Big Sandy. The 12 tracks include seven Kim Lenz originals, a track co-written by Kim and Big Sandy, a number crafted expressly for Kim by the Lucky Stars' Sage Guyton, and two rampaging covers. Back in the game and ready to rock.

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