Burnside Album Details

Upsidedown, The, The Town With Bad Wiring

The Upsidedown stir up propulsive, psychedelic pop over the course of the CD’s 12 tracks. The band didn't build this sonic city entirely alone; they had the help of numerous high-profile friends: REM's Peter Buck, Brian Jonestown Massacre's Collin Hegna and the Dandy Warhol's Pete Holmstrom all make guest appearances. However, the band hasn't just been resonating with the indie elite; they've effectively seeped deep into the collective zeitgeist through very recent high-profile song placements on both HBO's True Blood and FX's Sons of Anarchy. You've also heard them on Vampire Diaries, Damages and Life Unexpected. The Boston Globe calls them, "Dreamy and decadent in all the right places," while The Willamette Week praises their "Dirty, glammed-up, drugged down guitar rock with a dark heart." Numerous tour dates precede the album's release.

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