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High Violets, The, Satellite Remixes

Satellite Remixes is a labor of love from The High Violets, a band often accused of successfully reviving the shoegazer and dreampop sounds of the 90's. This album contains remixes from the band's two albums, "44 Down" & "To Where You Are," and a remix of a previously unreleased track. Ulrich Schnauss (UK), remixed the song 'Chinese Letter' with a surreal and atmospheric touch, while Carmen Rizzo (LA), who's previously worked with Coldplay, Paul Oakenfold and BT, took a down-tempo, surreal and sultry approach to 'Cool Green.' BASIC (Belfast) took two songs and emphasized the electro/techno elements of the band. Allen Davis (SF) mixed three tracks with a dancy, Postal Service/Ladytron edge. Darren Ebert (Seattle) and Antahkarana Music (Mexico City) round out the CD with the edgier and more beautiful sounding tracks on the CD. All in all, a perfect stepping stone to the band's forthcoming album, due out in the Spring of 2008.