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Monks, Monk Time

The Monks were five US G.I.'s who formed in the mid-'60s. While actively stationed in Germany, as the Torquays, they were a standard beat group playing both PX and the notorious Hamburg clubs frequented by the Beatles and other Liverpool groups. After their service ended, they remained there forming a new group, the Monks. Gone were the cover songs and surf beats replaced by furious, nihilistic minimalist rock featuring electric banjo (!!!), intense feedback and crazed organ. Adapting the shaved tonsure and robes of monks (with nooses as ties), they were years ahead of the punk era with their social commentary and songs along the likes of “I Hate You”. There was a German LP and a few singles and some hectic touring before the band dissolved and the members returned to the States. Their album has been reissued a few times over the years; bassist Eddie Shaw’s “Black Monk Time” documenting their tale has been recognized as one of the best Rock books ever written. Now, from the Monks themselves, comes a reissue of the original album with a few additional tracks. The Monks are performing in Las Vegas in September---only the second time they have ever played in the states in the last 35 years. It’s a classic!!!