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Auld Mezera, Audrey, Texas

"Texas" is the first release from Audrey Auld Mezera since becoming a U.S. resident and adopting her married name. Recorded live in the studio with Texan greats Carrie Rodriguez, Gabe & Kimmie Rhodes and Darcie Deaville, along with members of Jimmy La Fave's band and Audrey's Aussie mate Bill Chambers. "Texas" is about people - Woody Guthrie, Harlan Howard, Billy Joe Shaver, Karla Faye Tucker, Dead Ringer Band, father, husband, and the universal family. It's also about people gathering in the studio to capture the magic moment when, united by music, the here and now is transcended. "Texas" evokes all the beauty and wide-open space of its namesake.

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