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Dirty Shames, The, The Dirty Shames

"Steeped in Chicago blues, 60's garage, and 70's punk, The Dirty Shames bring back the true spirit of rock and roll with their self-titled debut album while creating an original sound that appeals to fans of all ages. Fronted by vivacious blonde bombshell Lisa Lush, this four piece band from the heart of New York City's East Village turns the sound of the streets to music. Lead guitarist Nathan La Chance cooks the hooks that keep you coming back for more. Bass player Jeremy Hansen and drummer Virginie Brochard lay down a groove that will have you dancing in your seat. Constant touring has made The Dirty Shames one of the most sought after bands in New York City and elsewhere. The Dirty Shames new album is currently up for review for airplay on Little Steven's Underground Garage and was recently featured on Genya Raven's Sirius Radio show, Goldie's Garage. ""...garage beat boogie which for the best part double takes a pre disco cherished era Blondie (check out 'you're a drag') and slips in some neatly wired elements of the Heartbreakers and the Ramones for good measure..."" Losing Today magazine "