Burnside Album Details

Lipson, Jeb, Patina

Listening to Jeb Lipson’s Patina, you'll be struck by a certain quality, familiar yet perhaps forgotten. This is the sound of authenticity; from the honest-to-god live performances within the production of skilled hands on well-worn instruments played in rooms with antlers on the walls, to the personal yet universal melancholy lyrics straining for a spiritual significance just beyond grasp. Standout tracks like “Pocket Knife” sound like a tarnished yet sharp treasure buried deep within your own familial soul, and “Death Row Jesus” showcases Lipson’s irreverent and clever storytelling. Patina shines with an organic arrangement of instruments, from accordion to mandolin, cello, fiddle and upright bass. Label it Americana, Folk or Country, when it comes down to it, Patina by Jeb Lipson is just a damn fine album.