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England, Stace & The Salt Kings, Salt Sex Slaves

Best known for 2005’s critically acclaimed Greetings From Cairo, Illinois, Stace England emerged as an intriguing geographical yang to Sufjan Stevens’ yin. Live performances featured extensive multimedia, documentaries in the US and Europe and stellar press on both sides of the Atlantic. England and his new band, The Salt Kings, continue his storytelling mastery with another slice of unknown US history on Salt Sex Slaves, weaving tales of brutal salt production, kidnapped free blacks, ghosts, slave breeding and murder in a supposed Free State, the Land of Lincoln, into a volatile, provocative Exile On Main St.-ish stew. “Stace England has the artistic moxy the size of an Illinois cornfield. Only England would even attempt to do a concept CD about such a bizarre and subverted chapter of Illinois history as "TheOld Slave House" and pull it off in spades, while rocking out. ” JASON RINGENBERG (Jason and the Scorchers)

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