Burnside Album Details

Defendants, The, Professional

The Defendants are careening forth from the Los Angeles postpunk underground. Their mission? To make the world a louder place for anyone within earshot. They brandish punk/pop roots paired with a songwriting approach that reflects the current state of a fractured America; “punk-icana” for short. Picture The Ramones and Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers slugging it out with pool cues with Buck Owens goading them on. Assembled in September of 1999, Singer/Songwriter Rob Bolger (Luft Gods), bassist Rick Johnson (the Lazy Cowgirls), and Jon Levy (Darcy's Kiss). Beware: The band has finished work on the their new record, "Professional", with producer/engineer Earle Mankey (Sparks, the Runaways, Concrete Blonde, the Weirdos, Addicts). Join the Defendants as they unleash their brawling rock 'n' roll.Remember: they're our last line of defense against reality, so show your support for these scrappy lads.