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England, Stace & The Salt Kings, The Amazing Oscar Micheaux

Best known for critically acclaimed Greetings From Cairo, Illinois, Stace England & The Salt Kings now illuminate the legend of filmmaker Oscar Micheaux. His astonishing story sounds like the stuff of myth and legend but it is all true. The first African American feature filmmaker was born in Metropolis, Illinois, homesteaded in South Dakota, published seven novels and wrote, produced and directed 44 films between 1919 and 1948. Audiences were stunned by his jaw dropping push backs to The Birth of a Nation leading many to ask, “just what impetuous planet was this man from, and how did he pull it off?” Rediscoveries of lost Micheaux films in Europe including Within Our Gates and The Symbol of the Unconquered, his extraordinary counters to The Birth of a Nation, have re-written film history in the last decade. "This is a remarkable CD. I knew of Oscar Micheaux but not the full scope of his legacy. Every American needs to hear this story." - Giancarlo Esposito, Actor/Director (The Usual Suspects, Do The Right Thing) "England has taken a unique approach to chronicling Micheaux's life by creating a concept album in the spirit of Cat Stevens or The Decemberists." - WKMS/NPR Public Broadcasting

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