Burnside Album Details

Probe, The, You Know You Want it

Songs that stick in the mind like an ice pick; brilliant musicianship, raging vocals, ideas that gaze over the edge then pull you in… this is The Probe, and they know you want it. This is heavy, electric rock that is as overdriven and intense as it is unique. This is music as current as tomorrow. The Probe displays a style of power and vision that always take the listener by surprise. Coarse and intricate, sophisticated yet at times stripped to the bone, this is a sound as raw and alive as the moment each song was born. Guitarist/vocalist Anthony Cossa, drummer/vocalist Jim ‘Runt’ Miller and bassist Steve Reed treat you to a dish best served flaming hot and take the listener on a journey from hardcore rocking to experimental madness at every dizzying turn. With the combination of wry, ‘tongue-in-cheek’ lyrics, and melodies that hit like a well-aimed slap, The Probe brings you this smoldering package all smiles- knowing that as soon as it’s opened the explosions begin.