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Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Remnants of a Deeper Purity (20th Anniversary Deluxe 2-CD Edition)

Their achingly beautiful 1996 neo-classical, ethereal, darkwave masterpiece. Intense deep electronics weave beneath passionate vocals and luscious cello and violin arrangements. The results are mesmerizing and melancholy. The exquisite and stunning 77-minute album is reissued in a 20th anniversary edition including a 16-page lyric booklet, with 4-pages of candid photos, plus a sticker. “Absolutely beautiful, bleeding emotion wonderfully portrayed.” – ink19. “The ethereal, romantic sounds of Remnants is their richest work so far: tapestries of melancholic, often neo-classical music manifest themselves amidst waves of Rosenthal’s lush keyboards, haunting strings and the vocals of Oscar & Lucian.” – huh magazine. * Disc 1 was remastered in 2014 * Disc 2 includes an extra track added in 2013 * Over 16,000 copies sold * Blacktape's best-seller * Remastered * 2nd CD of bonus & live tracks * 16-page booklet with unreleased band photos * Sticker

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