Burnside Album Details

Erik Wollo & Byron Metcalf, Earth Luminous

Electronic musician Erik Wøllo joins tribal-trance percussionist Byron Metcalf for an elegant album weaving melodic, vibrant soundscapes with subtle, grounding rhythms. Earth Luminous stirs the memory on an outing through luminescent electronic ambient music where the ethereal is anchored and activated by steady, tactile frame drum and percussive patterns. Byron's tight-to-the-rhythmic-grid substratum pulse serves as a conduit to Erik's lush, emotive and expansive atmospheres. These two sonic explorers find a meeting place where vapor trails and glowing man-made cityscapes merge. The results are deeply thoughtful, seductive musings upon a radiant earth. “Earth Luminous is as distinctly Wøllo as it is distinctly Metcalf... a fluid convergence of thought and style that creates a deep, no-coming-up-for-air immersive listen. Richly hypnotic, softly gorgeous, and always ready for yet another listen. Beautiful work from two true talents.” – Hypnagogue.