Burnside Album Details

Byron Metcalf, Steve Roach & Robert Thomas, Monuments of Ecstasy

Monuments of Ecstasy is driven by a constant undercurrent of fluid percussive pulses. The sound shifts from dense grooves to hypnotic sequencer-driven electronics to synthetic atmospheric transcendence. With Roach's hybrid grooves and electronics, Metcalf's percussion and didgeridoo from Inlakesh's Thomas, the visionary tribal-ambient trio pass through a portal into the pure ecstasy of being - a music-infused ritual of body-centered passion and life-force arousal. “Despite the presence of electronics and synthesizers, Monuments of Ecstasy exudes a primal spirit. There’s something raw, earthy, and era-transcending about it, and in those moments when the music rises to a feverish pitch one might be reminded of the sun-worshipping rituals conducted by ancient peoples.” – Textura