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Roach, Steve, Destination Beyond

"HYPNAGOGUE: “In its scope and tone, Destination Beyond beautifully bridges the breadth of Roach's career. The sequencer work carries echoes of his high-energy early releases and his love of hands-on sound creation, while the breathier, more meditative spaces are the signature of Roach's adeptness at taking us quietly inside ourselves. There is a fair amount of welcome familiarity here as Roach digs deep, and yet it is also wonderfully fresh and eminently listenable.” Blending the two core aspects of his work, the stunningly expansive Destination Beyond combines immersive atmospheric harmonic zones (like those recently experienced on Dynamic Stillness) into the setting of spiraling patterns and hypnotic rhythms (similar to those found on Arc Of Passion). Perfectly blending these two sonic qualities over the course of the continuous 71-minute piece. "

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