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Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Bike Shop - 12" Vinyl

The tender, emotional side of Black Tape For A Blue Girl. Only one of the four songs here is included on their recent album, These fleeting moments. Featuring Sam’s delicate acoustic guitar work and a stirring vocal performance from Michael Plaster (of Soul Whirling Somewhere) and drums from The Dresden Doll’s Brian Viglione, these songs are interconnected, intimate stories of a broken heart. Sam says, “The tracks on the EP are quite different from the ones on the album; they are sparse and sensitive pieces written for Michael’s vocals. They’re up close and personal reflections on places and moments, asking how things fell apart? Where to go from here?” * Limited edition of 500 * 150 gram custom color vinyl (yellowish with black swirl) * thick stock color album jacket, b&w lyric sheet * Bandcamp download card included

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