Burnside Album Details

Lovesliescrushing, Bloweyelashwish

A classic mid-90s release in the shoegazer genre. “With all the chaotic yet beautiful frenzy of My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields at his most creative, yet with its own mysterious, dreamy goth air, the duo created an amazing sonic bomb,” All Music Guide writes. “(They are) more gone than MBV — many songs don’t even make the simplest concession to pop hooks, swathed in candy-colored noise that’s not unfriendly to the ear, but not conventionally hooky at all. It’s a marvelous testament to their abilities that Bloweyelashwish can easily rival Loveless when it comes to thick, evocative music seemingly heard through antique glass, strange and beautiful.” A beautiful wrestling of noise… a demanding combination of Melissa’s ethereal vocals and Scott’s tendency to blend saturated overloaded distortion from his 12-string guitar with aching polyrhythmic patterns. The result is “ethereal noise”: chaotic and innovative… gritty, choppy, stunning and beautiful.

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