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Fang, Forrest, Following the Ether Sun

Synthesist/multi-instrumentalist Forrest Fang unites ever-shifting electronic-ambient soundworlds with a distinctive global approach: mesmerizing and emotive spacemusic, world music and deep atmospheric zones combine and organically dissipate into a flow of drifting vapor trails. With a rich range of unconventional acoustic instruments, virtuoso Chinese-American sound-shaper Fang creates a refined hybrid of Western and Eastern influences. Besides synthesizer, violin, and an array of hand-based percussion instruments, he also plays uncommon stringed instruments such as the dan bau (Vietnamese one-stringed monochord), cumbus (Turkish lute), Japanese palm harp and kora (African lyre). The 73-minute album is a fascinatingly filigreed multi-layered work drifting upon hypnotizing impressionistic floating formations.

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