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Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Halo Star

"GOTHIC BEAUTY MAGAZINE: “HALO STAR is brilliant! This is what I have been waiting to hear from BlackTape all along, I just never knew it until now.” SAN FRANCISCO WEEKLY: Out of the Shadows. The doleful sound that set the mold for artists on the darkwave label Projekt Records in the ’80s (founded by Black Tape composer/keyboardist Sam Rosenthal) is still built around keening keyboards, mournful lyrics about doomed love, and ethereal vocals from Elysabeth Grant and Bret Helm. But thanks to the band’s new affection for acoustic guitar and orchestral instrumentation, what could have sounded irredeemably past-it is fresh enough for a new generation of fans.” ALL MUSIC: “BlackTape’s fresh, risky attitude spices up the album (plus) there’s the tried and true Black Tape formula too; bouncing between the new and old makes this one of the more solid collections from the band.” Packaged in a jewel box with extensive 20-page booklet. "

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