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Lovesliescrushing, Xuvetyn

"INK19: “Xuvetyn is glorious from start to finish, very much in a loveless-era My Bloody Valentine-gone-ethereal vein. Genius. This is some of the most amazing music ever to come off four tracks. Loveliescrushing’s music is soaked in shimmering, fuzzy, noisy brilliance. Beautiful female vocals waft through the hazy, swirling fog of layered feedback-drenched, processed guitars. This is ethereal lo-fi at its finest” Veils of gorgeous guitar wash and angelic gossamery voice. Beautiful and grandiose orchestral subtlety and childlike naiveté, billowy, fur-lined, milky softness to a blasting metallic roar. 75 minutes of spacey drumless iridescent textures and atmospheric soundscapes. Guitar and voices sculpted, manipulated and processed into beautiful noise. Another gem of lo-fi brilliance from Lovesliescrushing. "

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