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Arcana, Le Serpent Rouge

On their sixth full-length, Sweden’s Arcana leaves behind ancient Western ruins and cathedrals for Arabian deserts filled with magic and mysticism. The sound of the Middle East flows through this amazing album, taking Arcana to a higher dimension, exploring new melodies and realms. This is Arcana as you have never heard them before! With their lush blend of spirituality and earthly emotions, Arcana has always been compared to Dead Can Dance. Now they boldly ventures into the hot desert, breathing life from the baking sun and the serpent’s dance. Enveloping the listener in a powerful rhythmic sensuality, one feels the sands slowly begin to swirl, twilight falls across the dunes and in the distance perhaps a lonely nomad’s fire burns . . . just beyond its reach, one can make out the subtle movements of a great red serpent . . . edging ever closer . . .

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