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Roach, Steve, Immersion Two

"ELECTROAMBIENT SPACE: “The Immersion series exists in a line of distinguished long-form ambient works from Roach, and like those that have gone before it will completely envelop you in its subtle shifting sonic sensory stimulation. The end result is a soothing wall of soft sound that thoroughly relaxes and satisfies. Immersion indeed.” The second in an ongoing series of atmospheric zones by master sound painter Steve Roach, Immersion:Two presents a subtle shift from the luminous steady state harmonic current of Immersion: One. On this 73-minute long-form soundscape, a sinuous weblike mist seems to emanate from the speakers. Mysterious yet calm, this is the perfect sound environment for the deeper hours after midnight or anytime a quiet, engulfing audio landscape is desired. If Nag Champa or Sandalwood incense has a sound this might be it. "

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