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Obmana, Vidna, the River of Appearance (10th Anniversary 2-CD edition)

"“This is a crowning achievement; in the heavenly, soaring, shimmering, meditative vein. This is a must-have release for all lovers of space and ambient music.” – Bill Schroeder WEFT / Epiphanies Radio (10th Anniversary 2-CD edition) | Projekt re-releases vidnaObmana’s classic the River of Appearance with a bonus disc, the entire album performed by Oregon’s Dreams in Exile. River was a high point of Obmana’s ambient/new age compositional style, presenting a minimal and serene flow utilizing sparse piano lines which intermingle with drifting keyboard loops and organic rainstick sounds. There is an overall harmonic unity on these eight pieces, stripping dense walls back to reveal a slowly changing sound configuration. The 2nd disc is not merely bonus tracks, but a complete re-creation of the original on traditional instruments. Re-experience the everlasting melancholy of the River of Appearance on this exceptional 10th anniversary 2-cd release. "