Burnside Album Details

Dragging an Ox Through Water, Panic Sentry

"Songwriter, artist, radical thinker and noisemaker Brian Mumford has been recording as Dragging an Ox Through Water for almost 10 years. His recordings and performances have always been alternatingly heart-wrenchingly beautiful and mind-bendingly challenging-his gentle voice and soft, finger-style guitar locked in dialogue with squeals of noise and distortion from an impressive army of hand-built electronics. Panic Sentry is simultaneously his most stripped down and most ambitious record to date, peeling away many of his trademark layers of white noise, analog distortion, and chaos. What emerges are nine fragile and masterfully crafted songs - each one a ship-in-a-bottle, perpetually in danger, but never foundering in an ocean of noise. Mumford is joined on this album by long-time collaborators Tara Jane O'Neil and Mary Sutton. "