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Sun Ra, Sun Song LP 180 Gram Vinyl

Originally issued as Jazz By Sun Ra in 1956, Sun Song was the first longplayer to feature the enigmatic bandleader. However, his various bands --or "Arkestras" as Sun Ra proclaimed them -- had been issuing 78 and 45 rpms since the mid '50s. This recording initiated a much larger audience to the multifarious and otherwise logical post-bop rhythms of one of jazz's most notorious and equally respected figures. The sides which comprise Sun Song were recorded on July 12, 1956 by Tom Wilson, who would go on to produce such rock luminaries as Frank Zappa, Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, and the Velvet Underground, among others. Among the musical innovations woven into compositions, such as the up-tempo "Brainville" and "Transition," are advanced time signatures coupled with harmonic scales based on Ra's mathematical equations. The intricate harmonies and complicated arrangements on "Possession" and "Sun Song" are inspiring in their deceptive simplicity. This may well be the most accessible work in Sun Ra's massive catalogue. It is likewise one of the most beautiful.