Burnside Album Details

Miss Nina, Sha Doo Bee Doop

Praised for her “beautiful voice and contagious joy that children love,” Nina Stone is committed to creating children’s music that is actually conceived with the young child in mind. The uncomplicated charms of Sha Doo Be Doop unfold from this child-centered focus, fueled by Nina’s happy, high-energy, dancing spirit, the heart and soul of the album. Sha Doo Be Doop showcases an eclectic mix of styles, bound by a commonality of movement and rhythm (even including elements of child appropriate hip-hop and rap). Nina Stone, as Miss Nina, has previously released a Parents’ Choice Recommended Award winning album, Singing & Dancing Together (2010). Nina says “Music is a powerful force for kids, and I believe some of that power is lost if the performer is bent on producing carbon copies of adult music packaged for little ones. I’m primarily concerned with writing and performing songs that speak to the children, respect who they are, and help them feel safe and happy.”