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Mills, Lisa, I'm Changing

On the American Gulf Coast, deeply embedded Southern musical influences coalesce in the most unpredictable ways. Lisa Mills exemplifies that truth with the follow-up to her internationally praised 2010 release, Tempered in Fire. A new take on her 2005 album of the same name, I’m Changing is the product of an intense collaboration with engineer Trina Shoemaker. The triple Grammy winner worked with Mills to achieve a more pure expression of her artistic desires, recasting old tracks and adding new ones, and the results are transformative. You can call Lisa Mills a blues singer or a gospel singer an R&B singer and not be wrong, but none of the labels are true in the ways you might expect. I’m Changing spans from blues to joy and from vulnerability to indomitability, often within the same song. The title is no lie: Lisa Mills is changing. She’s changing the way we hear things.

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