Burnside Album Details

The Strange Tones, Crime-A-Billy

CRIME-A-BILLY has erupted from the great Pacific Northwest! Spawned like a crazed salmon in a river of whiskey and microbrew this CD swims against the currents of mainstream music. Well schooled and respected in the Northwest blues scene, The Strange Tones have created their own sound by blending blues, rock-a-billy, surf, swamp, R&B, and even a sonic tip of the hat to the likes of hardboiled Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe. The result is a combustible one-of-a-kind album. Created, recorded, and produced by The Strange Tones in an undisclosed secure location, CRIME-A-BILLY captures the originality and raw energy that has elevated the band on the musical most wanted list. Guitar Julie: wanted for maniacal guitar playing and gritty vocals; Suburban Slim: wanted for searing solos and soulful vocals. JD Huge and Andy Strange: wanted for laying a foundation as heavy as concrete galoshes.

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