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La Musgana, 20

"Based in Madrid and together for twenty years, La Musgaña ("the water rat") perform on both traditional instruments (bagpipes, wooden flutes, hurdy-gurdy) and the more modern (guitar, fiddle, accordion). ""At one time music was a key part of village life," says the band. "The rhythms helped in the toughest labors, and through song a link of community was created." 20, the band's 20th anniversary release, features material from their previous six recordings including courting songs and wedding dances, village celebrations and lullabies, harvest songs and even a prayer for rain. La Musgana plays the sinuous, syncopated music of Central Spain where Moroccans and Celts, Europeans and Africans have all left their mark. "La Musgaña's take on the folk music of central Spain is as old as the troubadors and as young as the electric guitar.fruited with exquisite melodies, freighted with melancholy and frenzied with irresistible rhythms." Boston Herald

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