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Lovesores, The, Fast Friends / Red Alert 7" Vinyl

Yet another reason why Portland, OR is currently THE place to be for new music, The Lovesores have constructed a rock and roll machine that is the equal to any on the planet. Boasting the combined talents of Jeff Fieldhouse and Scott "Deluxe" Drake (the original songwriting and guitar/vocal team of the 90's SoCal garage/punk juggernaut, The Humpers), Boz Bennes and Adam "98%" Kattau (members of Portland's own legendary Fast Takers) and Alex Fast (bassist for Portland's heavy rock champions, LSD&D), The Lovesores are, after only a few months, already generating excitement and building an enthusiastic fanbase in the Pacific Northwest. On this, their debut release, The Lovesores find the sweet (and sweaty) spot where Rock, Garage and Punk collide in an orgy of guitar-driven ENERGY. With upcoming high-profile shows all over the USA, The Lovesores are poised to make a very LOUD impact in the music world.