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Prairie Cartel, The, Where Did All My People Go 2 LP Set

The Prairie Cartel is an Electro/Rock band featuring Scott Lucas (Local H), Blake Smith and Mike Willison (both ex-Caviar and Figdish). Their debut, exhilarating double-album Where Did All My People Go is a slurry, melodic blast through Disco, Indie, Punk and Electro that has been lovingly pressed to 180 G vinyl. The band members have sold well over 500,000 records on their own projects and have turned their focus on this project. Millions have already heard the music as every track has on the double LP has been licensed. Their cover of 999’s Homicide was featured in Grand Theft Auto 4 and got such a strong reaction that they were given their own station on the latest game, Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars. Award-winning Chinese director Peng Lei discovered them online and shot a psychedelic urban-yeti dance video for the track No Light Escapes Here. The band has an infectious live show which is a big reason they keep being asked to open for such artists as the Klaxons, Simian Mobile Disco, The Presets and many more. This record is only available on vinyl and it’s a limited run, so get it while you can!