Burnside Album Details

Desert Noises, 27 Ways

Recorded in the magical Sonic Ranch Studios in El Paso, Texas, with producer Nick Jodoin (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club), 27 Ways turns those experiences into songs which detail 27 ways of breaking away and becoming a touring rock 'n' roll band. The album incorporates influences of beat-oriented soul and R&B as well as classic psychedelic rock (Led Zeppelin is a big touchstone), often in the same song. Desert Noises has spent the last two years building a reputation by touring relentlessly and bringing their signature brand of unbridled, infectious rock to clubs and major festivals throughout the U.S, including high-visibility gigs at the Austin City Limits Festival and LouFest in St. Louis. It is abundantly clear that Desert Noises' level of songwriting and performance is refined well beyond their years.