Burnside Album Details

Sissoko, Tiecoro, Keme Borama

Tiécoro Sissoko was an exceptional solo artist and an intricate guitar player from Mali with a true Djeli soulful voice. He performed every week with the multi GRAMMY award winning kora player Toumani Diabaté at the famous Bamako club, The Diplomat. Throughout his career, Tiécoro toured throughout West Africa and France playing weddings, ceremonies and concerts in Bamako up until the last days of his life. ‘Keme Borama’ is Tiécoro’s only recording to be released and it’s a testament of his role as Griot and protector of his lineage. Despite the attempt to ban music, Griots and other Malian musicians continued to produce some of the world’s greatest music and Tiécoro’s final recording is a shining example of storytelling through music.