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Various Artists, (D)EARLY DEPARTED: True Lies In Song Unearthed From Lone Fir Cemetery

What do an axe murderess, a beloved physician, a successful crimper, a poet with a hankering for drowning, and a French prostitute with a heart of gold have in common? They are all permanent residents of historic Lone Fir cemetery, one of Portland’s historical, architectural, and horticultural gems. And now, they come to life in a new collection of original songs by some of the city’s best musicians. (D)early Departed: True Lies Unearthed from Lone Fir pays tribute to some of Portland’s most colorful deceased citizens. Proceeds from the benefit CD support upcoming restoration projects for Lone Fir Cemetery. Musicians on the CD include Amelia, James Beaton, Jim Brunberg, Holcomb Waller, Jesse Emerson with Fernando, Alex James, Nick Jaina, Pete Krebs, Storm Large, Leigh Marble, Adam Shearer & Adam Seltzer, Matt Sheehy, Stolen Sweets, Chris Robley & The Fear of Heights, the Taciturns and Ritchie Young. Make no mistake: this collection is not an exercise in “Meet the Ancestors.” The songs are fresh and tell of love, loss, bravery, thievery, murder and near-suicide. And while the actual cause of each untimely death is historically accurate, the musicians were free to imagine the lives that preceded that final trip to Lone Fir.