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Spears, Jay, Playin' On My Team

Jay Spears' debut album Boy Howdy was Outmusic's nominee for Outstanding Album 2003, and the toe-tappin' swing of I LIKE MIKE made for a hit single and a smash music video (think swing-dancing baseball players) that still airs in heavy rotation on Viacom's LOGO channel. Now Jay's back, and his new CD is called, of course: Playin’ On My Team. The gay love-child of Randy Newman and Tom Waits, Jay's new batch of homo-pop gathers gay dating, R&R, urban techno, Irish-Catholic guilt, acoustic story song, a boy-on-boy cover of “My Boyfriend's Back”, and even a big ol' full-choir gospel tune for our wacky Evangelical pals into one great big way-gay musical bouquet. Fun beats, juicy harmonies, extra-crispy guitars, and gay as a $3 bill. What's not to like?

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