Burnside Album Details

Digital Underground, The Greenlight EP

Digital Underground announced in 2008 that the group was disbanding and soon after released their final full-length studio album. But a few audio gems remained stashed away in the D-Flow archives, and are presented on The Greenlight EP. This fun and eclectic collection of Digital Underground tracks highlights all that's fun about the group. Whether recorded for previous albums and never used, or leftovers from other studio sessions, this collective of Digital Underground songs bubbles over with their trademark fun, funk-laced sound. Notable songs include the title track Greenlight which features vocals from Peanut Hakeem (first heard on their 1998 album Who Got The Gravy?), Hyphy Hump a modern, Hyphy-styled redux of the group's multi-platinum hit The Humpty Dance, and the live recording of Same Song, which features the late 2Pac. The album features production from d.u. front man Shock G, as well as David Banner and Dotrix 4000. Guest vocalists include 2Pac, Numskull of The Luniz, and J Stalin.