Burnside Album Details

Perhapst, Perhapst

Former Elliott Smith/Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks drummer, John Moen, a current member of The Decemberists, used his time off from touring to make Perhapst’ s self-titled debut. Perhapst is filled with quirky, catchy, hook-laden indie-pop, experimental folk-rock, and even some twang for flavor, all delivered with a smirk and a smile. John Moen plays the majority of instruments on the record. Friends such as engineer Eric Lovre (of the Dharma Bums) also lent some instrumentation help, and Stephen Malkmus assisted Moen, too, playing some guitar on the record. Some may remember John Moen as the front man for NW favorites The Maroons, or drummer for the widely popular early 90s indie-rock outfit Dharma Bums. However, here, much like in The Maroons, Moen showcases his sweet, lullaby-esque vocals, dreamy melodies, and ability to create laid-back, sophisticated pop hooks with cloud-like softness, ensuring that anyone that lists to Perhapst’s self-titled record will walk away relaxed, at ease, and humming a song or two.