Burnside Album Details

Godard, Michel & Ihab Radwan, Doux désirs

Doux Désirs is the new album by Michel Godard (serpent, tuba, and bass) and Ihab Radwan (oud, vocals). The two artists filter their improvised and passionate musical encounter through the many facets of jazz, creating an original project that merges French, Italian and Egyptian suggestions, and keeping an eye on the distant past while still looking at the future. Classical music and Arabic melodies merge and are enhanced by the duo’s lively and rich interplay. Godard’s and Radwan’s compositions share many similarities: their modality, embellishments, spontaneity, but most of all their improvisational quality, which is the real key to their collaboration. Together, the two artists imagine a music without barriers, made of beautiful and flexible melodies able to transcend time. The urgent creativity of their captivating encounter truly manages to light up listeners’ desires.