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Shaky Hands, The, The Shaky Hands

Sliding bouncy go-go beats under shambling guitars and reedy, swooning vocals, Shaky Hands make the kind of catchy, soulful indie rock that’s tailor-made for brokedown car stereos and river-rat boomboxes. Their 2006 debut album’s 13 tracks glow with a sloppily romantic warmth that’s equal parts summer sunshine and candlelit mellow, pre-party buzz and scruffy day-after fuzziness. The result is a fully formed and confident debut; a big-hearted, starry-eyed bear hug of a record, full of youthful energy and tumbling vigor, just waiting to back new adventures and comfort old friends. The Shaky Hands formed in Portland in the fall of 2003. The Shaky Hands are a visceral, life-affirming live experience that will totally make you hug the person standing next to you.