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Norman, Into the Eventyr CD

The Pacific Northwest offers a vast array of landscapes which have inspired artists for years. Oregon's Willamette Valley—with its lush trees, green hillsides, and often soggy weather—has been home to the band Norman since 2004. The importance of physical setting to Norman's music has long been commented on, and the emphasis on place and surrounds in their music has reached a new level with the release of their third album, Into the Eventyr. Produced by Rob Dennler (Built to Spill, Sheryl Crow). Norman's appeal blends well with timelessness of the Northwest. It can be seen in the way it represents growth and change, renewal and responsibility, innovation and adventure. Eventyr means "adventure," and in Norman's third full-length release, the sense of invitation runs deep, inviting listeners to experience the adventures available to them in nature, and enjoy creating, beginning, and exploring their own.

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