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Matos, IIiana, Angels in the Street: The Solo Guitar Works of Eduardo Martin

"In 2001, after many years of no contact, Eduardo and I met by chance in Barcelona. On our subsequent meetings, Eduardo introduced me to much of his music, which was unknown to me at that time. From that time on, I gradually incorporated his compositions into my concerts. The enthusiasm with which his music was received in many different countries, encouraged me to take on the challenge of recording an album dedicated exclusively to his works." - Iliana Matos "As the composer, I feel very fortunate to listen to this album. I feel that in Iliana’s hands, my pieces reach a higher level. The authenticity of her interpretations energizes, renews, and recreates them. The music is enriched, not devaluated.” - Eduardo Martín NOTE: This title was previously solicited in October 2006 and unexpectedly delayed.