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Swirsky, Seth, Watercolor Day

Watercolor Day is the new solo release from hit singer-songwriter, Seth Swirsky, the main writing force behind The Red Button, whose debut album, She’s About to Cross My Mind, was a commercial and critical success. The Beatles original recording engineer, Norman “Hurricane” Smith said: “If The Red Button was around in the ‘60s, I would have signed them to EMI!” Seth’s second solo album is chock full of pop delicacies evoking the era when groups and artists like 10cc, ELO, and The Beach Boys ruled pop radio. Before becoming an artist in his own right, Seth was a staff songwriter for EMI and wrote a number of worldwide hits for a wide range of artists as his 32 Gold and Platinum records attest. Recognized for his classic pop melody writing, Watercolor Day is right on time for Summer. “On Watercolor Day, Seth Swirsky’s irresistibly melodic tunes are in full bloom. He has the ability to capture, like a firefly in a jar, the sounds and vibe of 60s and 70s pop and lay it before us as something new. A treat for those of us who love pure pop music.” Jack Oliver, First President of Apple Records,

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